Ovonni Makeup Brushes – 29 Piece Set


Hey guys! I purchased these brushes a few months back and I am here to report back to you my thoughts. I spent $70.00 CAD on these brushes and considering on Sigma that’s about $411.00 CAD I can say I am quite happy. Some of the brushes, such as the small black blending brush (these brushes don’t have names or numbers), is quite rough and mine had tiny pieces of glue dried to the top. These brushes are made in the same factory as Sigma and they do come in a black leather book. These brushes are of fairly good quality and I am thoroughly impressed. I mean c’mob, 29 brushes for that price… How could I resist? I’m such a makeup junkie. Anyways, I definitely think this was a very good purchase. I have washed these brushes and shedding is expected however they are still in great shape and I am very happy with that. This set consists of mainly powder, blush and eye brushes and one paddle brush for foundation. I really only look for eye brushes because I use BB cream on my face and I don’t mind using my fingers. These brushes are very nice and I am very glad I purchased these and if you want a large variety and fairly nice brushes, I recommend these for sure!

Ovonni 29 Piece Brush Set
Ovonni 29 Piece Brush Set


3 thoughts on “Ovonni Makeup Brushes – 29 Piece Set

  1. Hi Lauren- your makeup reviews and dedication to your blog are very impressive. My best friend and I just started a blog and were wondering if you’d be interested in an interview. If you’re interested, email me at altimestwo@gmail.com. I’ll email you some questions and you can send back your answers, then we can feature you on our blog! Xoxo

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